Abergavenny Community

Welcome to the Abergavenny Community website. It offers you a chance to find out about all the interesting research we have been doing in Abergavenny as well as being able to post your own stories, images, videos and links about the town.

If you live or work in Abergavenny you may be surprised to discover more of our town’s stories and people’s memories. Even if you’re just an occasional visitor to the town you will find ideas of places to see, things to do and people to meet. Please contribute your own stories, videos, images and links.


You will see pins in the map. Each pin contains a story or memory. Click the pin to see what’s inside. You can navigate around the map by dragging it. You can also zoom in or out using the slider on the left-hand side. The controls at the bottom allow you to filter by time or by tags such as transport, people and monuments.


If you have a story or memory to share with other website visitors, you can put your photo, video, text or link on the map. It takes just a few minutes on a laptop, tablet or phone. You will need use of a Facebook account in order to sign in. Alternatively you can email photos to submit@abergavennycommunity.org.

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